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Meet the people who work tirelessly through the night to bring you Project: Whatever!, that's a lie. We don't work through the night. We just end up sitting on MSN and IRC and chatting with people and playing games and...PLEASE DON'T KILL US! *runs*

One could say he's the mastermind behind Project Whatever..only he's not really a master...or a mind, for that matter. Anyway, he does most of the strip itself, from the scripting to the drawing and editing, which explains their...quality, or lack thereof. He is also the inspiration for Ian.
Contact Alseid at souseta at hotmail dot com.

Second in insanity only to Alseid, and having real life experience on the field of selling overpriced stuff to geeks, L1r is a good source of anecdotes and overall material for the strip. That means the few actually funny jokes on the strip are probably stuff that really happened to him. He is also the inspiration for Ray.
Contact L1r at lukasrai at hotmail dot com.

Having been abducted from the safety of his home, tortured for endless hours and brainwashed by Alseid and his minions into joining the F.A.T.(Filthy Assistant Team), Shadowsonic is in charge of the strip's webpage, due to Alseid's incompetence on that area. He also gives advice for the strip every now and then. He is also the inspiration for Arc.
Contact ShadowSonic at sonic dot tempest at gmail dot com.

She is Project Whatever's official Beta tester. How do you beta test a webcomic, may you ask? Easy: She happens to be Alseid's classmate and real life friend. Whenever he draws the sketch of a strip, she gets to see it first. If she laughs, we're good. The problem is, this usually happens during classes, which most of the time ends up acting against their academic performance. Just so you see how much we sacrifice for you, people! She also gives advice on the strip now and then, and she claims one day she'll manage the spanish version of the strip. Don't hold your breath. She is also the inspiration for Jackie.
Contact Ayako at sakuma_ryuichichan at hotmail dot com.

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